• Mastering since 2002

    Established 2002, we have already provided sound optimizing, editing and Redbook CD mastering services to many projects.

  • Ready for streaming

    Let us know what streaming services you want to use and we'll provide a correct format. YouTube Spotify TIDAL iTunes Amazon Music Pandora Deezer, you name it.

  • Easy upload

    Uploading files is easy and platform independent, as long as a modern browser is used. WAV, AIFF and FLAC supported.

  • Mastering tomorrows classics
  • Happy clients since 2002
  • Processing unique to our studio
  • online mastering
Who we are

Arizona mastering is founded in 2002 and operated by Jeroen Schilder since then. I have a broad taste and musical appreciation. From an accordeon orchestra CD to a streaming rock-opera. No images of impressive equipment here, we are proudly in the box. We do, however, use PMC monitoring.

If you have a specific track that would benefit from my treatments feel free to upload a proof. (I reserve the right to master a part of a track).

Try us for free

Feel free to try us out by submitting a track in WAV, AIFF or FLAC format.

Upload your music

Please click |HERE| to proceed to the upload section



Audio mastering per track
32,50. Includes a WAV in original resolution, a CD resolution wav and 1 streaming format

Itmsp-package for iTunes
A Itmsp iTunes package with all tracks 35,-

Red book DDP
DDP for CD manufacturing: track sequencing, Volume matching and PQ encoding. CD-Text,UPC/EAN codes possible, please attach with your order

Masters for Vinyl or tape duplication
We do not cut lacquers but can prepare a digital master for easy transfers to vinyl and tape, typically separate Side A and B WAV files. 45,-

Additional streaming formats

Formats for iTunes, Spotify, and so on. 7,50 euro per track for each additional format.

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